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Needed 2 Junior IT Consultant

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Needed 2 Junior IT Consultant

  1. University Graduate

  2. 1 year working experience or Fresh graduate with some working experience in Campus Lab.

  3. Smart worker and willing to learn new things without formal training.

  4. Able to learn new concept and technology in limited time.

  5. Able to share knowledge and doing presentation.

  6. Willing to travel overseas for doing a project.

  7. Familiar with ITIL and or CoBIT is a plus.

  8. Familiar with Windows 2003/2008 and any UNIX/Linux Server OS.

  9. Familiar with RDBMS, Oracle, MSSQL or PostgreSQL.

  10. . Familiar with Scripting Programming; like VBs, Perl, and Shell script.

  11. . Familiar with Networking Concepts.

  12. . English is a must.

email CV to [antonius.sony_AT_emeriocorp_DOT_com

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