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Uploading My Tish-Clearlooks-AquaStyle to Gnome-looks

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Yeah, it is my first GTK+ themes for GNOME :) And i added this to GNOME-Looks to share my modified themes with other GNOME lover’s :) . And this is the screenshot of my Tish-Clearlooks-AquaStyle :

GConf Nautilus

Below this guide to use this themes :

  1. Un-compress Tish-Clearlooks-AquaStyle and put in your /home/your_userame/.themes/ directory

  2. Right Click onto the top panel, and chose properties. In Panel Properties, choose advanced tab and select the background image then browse trough Tish-Clearlooks-AquaStyle directory and find panelAtas.png.

  3. Change your button layout from GConf editor and go to /apps/metacity/general, right click the button layout and edit the value for menu to look like this : close,minimize,maximize:menu

  4. Replace icon with OSX icons. Get OSX icons from here

  5. The other alternative instead of editing looks from the gconf editor, you can uncompress and replace your /usr/share/pixmaps/gconf-editor directory.

Look other gnome lovers say about this themes ?? You can go here.

Download this themes : Tish-Clearlooks-AquaStyle Themes (134 kb)

GConf-Editor Themes (4 kb)

I hope you enjoy using this themes :-)

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