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June Issue of BSD Magazine NanoBSD and ALIX

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NanoBSD_and_ALIX_BSD_06_201Here it is!

We are back and present you with the June issue of BSD magazine. As you may have noticed, this month’s issue is a little bit thicker than usual and we hope you enjoy all the content!

We get started with Ivan Rambius Ivanov and his „Introduction to OpenSSL: Command line Tool” article followed by the What’s New sectionwhere you will find a short summary of the BSDCan 2011 conference written by Josh Paetzel, and Dru Lavigne who will introduce us to the recently released FreeNAS 8.0.

In the Developers Corner we will meet Antoine Jacoutot describing an OpenBSD success story, Justin C. Sherrill sharing news about the DragonflyBSD project, and Kris Moore who shows us how to install FreeBSD with the PC-BSD installer – PC-SYSINSTALL.

In this months How-Tos Rob Somerville introduces us to GIS in what seems to be a promise of another series of his. Then you will find Sufyan bin Uzayr’s article teaching how to deploy a Cloud OS on BSD, and the third part of the Mutt series written by Michael Hernandez. Also in How-Tos you will find a cover story – „NanoBSD and ALIX” written by Erwin Kooi.

In the Let’s Talk section we have articles from Girish Venkatachalam and Mohammed Farrag, as well as a First of BSD Certification articles written by Jim Brown.

In the end we prepared an Interview with Rafał Jaworowski from Semihalf – an embedded hardware and software developing company which makes great use of BSD in their work.

I wish you have a good read and feedback is always welcome!

Table of Content of this issue is : Introduction to OpenSSL: Command-line Tool Ivan ‘Rambius’ Ivanov The article describes the command-line utility of openssl. It is a tool that supports encryption and decryption, message digests, key generation and exchange and ssl channel manipulations.

BSDCan Josh Paetzel Josh has prepared a short summary of BSDCan 2011 conference.

Introducing FreeNAS 8.0 Dru Lavigne On May 2, 2011 the much anticipated redesign of FreeNAS was released. This article introduces FreeNAS 8.0, describing the reasons for its redesign, the current and upcoming features, the graphical administrative interface, and where you can find additional information.

A Puffy In The Corporate Aquarium. Success story: OpenBSD as an Enterprise Desktop Antoine Jacoutot While OpenBSD is well known for its use in infrastructure services (MTA, DNS, firewall…) or appliances, this article will focus on a less known application: the use of OpenBSD as a Joe User Desktop.

DragonflyBSD news _Justin C. Sherrill _

Installing FreeBSD with PC-SYSINSTALL Kris Moore Several months ago, the PC-SYSINSTALL system (The installer for PC-BSD 8.0 and higher) was merged into FreeBSD CURRENT, in preparation for FreeBSD 9.0.

An introduction to GIS on FreeBSD Rob Somerville Geographic information systems (GIS) are rapidly gaining popularity both commercially and on the Internet, and used with location aware devices such as mobile phones can be a powerful tool for aiding productivity.

Exploring The Powers Of The Cloud Deploying eyeOS On BSD Sufyan bin Uzayr Ever thought of running things in the cloud? How about doing that from your own server, without any extra effort or cost? We take a look at eyeOS, a cloud OS, and as usual, we do so on BSD.

NanoBSD and ALIX Erwin Kooi In the previous issue of BSD Magazine, Bill Harris described how to do a basic installation of FreeBSD on a PC-Engines ALIX board with a Compact Flash card. This is a great way for getting started, but there are some risks with this approach.

Mutt On OS X Part III Michael Hernandez When we last left our heroes (in April, 2011 issue of BSD Magazine), I had briefly discussed searching our Mac’s address book as well as begin the process of setting up a complex, multi-account Mutt setup. In this article, I’ll go a bit deeper into setting up Mutt to make the most of Gmail’s features, as well as a way to handle attachments on your Mac.

OpenBSD Networking Girish Venkatachalam OpenBSD has an often mistaken image across the world that it stands for cryptography and crypto alone. Only for security applications OpenBSD is a good choice. This is what I used to think till I started looking at its IPsec stack in 2003.

OMAP3 Full Support is Coming Soon in FreeBSD Mohammed Farrag The trend in the FreeBSD development is bringing FreeBSD for new sets of hardware. The OMAP™ 3 family of multimedia applications processors from TI introduces a new level of performance that enables laptop-like productivity and advanced entertainment in multimedia-enabled mobile devices.

What It Takes Starting and Running an Open Source Certification Program, Part I Jim Brown So you’re all excited about your new software and its amazing capabilities to change the world. You truly believe that if only more people knew about it and were competent at using it, the world (or at least the information technology world) would be revolutionized.

Interview with Rafał Jaworowski BSDmag team Rafal Jaworowski is a co-founder of Semihalf, where he is leading the operating systems department. He contributes to the FreeBSD Project as a src committer.

Link to download BSD Magazine issue 06/2011

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