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HowTo Become Good Technical Team Leader

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Menjadi seorang “team leader” yang baik bukan merupakan pekerjaan yang mudah ternyata, selain kemampuan teknis (skill) yang baik ternyata ada aspek-aspek lain yang diperlukan (ini juga sudah pernah dibahas pada milis dan juga mas Ifnu sudah pernah menjelaskan panjang lebar kepada saya :D ). Nah kebetulan kemarin saya membaca artikel bagus di dzone dengan judul Good Technical Team Leader …?&utm_content=Google+Reader) yang ternyata juga tidak jauh berbeda :D

Buat teman-teman yang ingin tahu kemampuan apa saja yang harus dimiliki oleh seorang “team leader” yang baik, dibawah ini adalah beberapa aspek yang harus teman-teman perhatikan untuk menjadi seorang “team leader” yang baik (daftar dibawah ini murni diambil dari artikel Good Technical Team Leader …?&utm_content=Google+Reader) dan ditampilkan dengan sedikit modifikasi) :

  1. Solid Technical.

  2. Ability to break down tasks.

  3. As John Maxwell said “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”

  4. Sorround himself with smart people..

  5. He needs to believe that the big credit for his team not for himself.

  6. Humble

  7. Learn from his team… they have a lot .. specially juniours :)

  8. He needs to trust his team.

  1. Consistent with all team members.

  2. . Good Communication Skills.

  3. . Concerned about applying best practices.

  4. . Keep his team excited… and in continous challenge.

  5. . Able to distribute task fairly

  6. . Ensure the team unity

  7. . Keep calm, try not to loose patience and not raise your voice ( when things are getting hot )

  8. . Do not let your ego come in the way

  9. . He needs to keep hands dirty with code !

  10. . Able to coach/train team mates

  11. . He needs to know his soldiers, Based on my experience I do beleive that Developers are 3 types:

    1. Good Starter: They like to start with new technlogy,framework, tool,but they hate reading books,best practices,… !! because of that “team leader” cannot depend on them totally all the time after the project started… but he can get a great benifit by utilizing there skills in the early stages from the project and POC tasks. “Team leader” needs to help him to be good finisher.

    2. Good Finisher: They like reading books, best practices..and they always says we cannot start before reading couple of chapters about this new topic! “Team Leader” can depend on them after starting project to deliver and keep project stable. “Team Leader” needs to help him to be good starter.

    3. GOLDEN Developer: GOLDEN Developer = Good Starter + Good Finisher :D

Bagaimana teman-teman, bukan pekerjaan yang mudah bukan ? :) Bagaimana menurut pendapat teman-teman sendiri :D ???? :)

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